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Sunday, March 05, 2006

And the Oscar goes to......

Naomi Watts - --- for what the frick were you thinking with that dress???

Dolly Parton ----- for someone PLEASE explain!!!!!!! The woman defies gravity! Her breasts outweigh all her other body fat combined. How is this woman standing upright????

Owen and Luke ----- for being their cute selves!

Jennifer Aniston ----- A+++++ on a fabulous gown and good hair!

the red carpet---- for without which this annual event would be a ghastly bore!

No Hugs for Nick

In a What Not to Wear first (at least that we can recall), self-nominated, severely fashion-challenged super nanny from we can't remember where DECLINES to have Nick Arrojo cut her hair - which by the way is down to her ass. Even after he tries to convince her by showing videoclips of others who have feared before, this nanny sticks to her guns and turns down a free haircut makeover with a stylist anyone else would need a year and 400 bucks to get in to see!- No wash, no cut, no blowdry, and most definitely NO HUG!!! Carmandy could barely convince her to use clear lip gloss - but the nanny finally conceeded to do so 'on special occasions'.

Here's the deal - if you're going to nominate yourself for a makeover show - be willing to get made over or don't play the game!

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