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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Did someone call for a Stork?

ok, the latest bachelor is a hottie! he's got a bod of a god and he's yummy to look at!! Travis Stork, an er doctor, is a good wholesome proper southern gentleman. (No kissing on the first date, or the second or the...) He says all the right things and, the fact that he's a doctor sent all the woman screaching from the get go! This season of The Bachelor is probably the most "g-rated" version we've seen yet! And, despite travis' incredible good looks, this bachelor isnt' big on personality (that we can see at least, maybe he's saving it for off-camera). So, after last night when he sent one of the many under 25 yr old girls home, there are 3 bachelorettes left standing to fight the good fight for the much covetted title of Mrs. Doctor Who Ha. There's Sarah from tenessee who had to fly all the way to paris to meet the boy down the street. There's Susan who longs to be an actress. And Moana, who's only purpose on the show appears to be annoying everyone but Travis. Last night's hometown visits seemed as enjoyable as a root canal and with parents like Susan's - who needs enemies!! so with three left, and three overnight dates remaining, and three opportunities to 'use the key to spend the night as a couple in the suite', where will this take him. Money bets are on no nooky, no real chemistry with Sarah, more polite chit chat, and more crying from Moana. At only a few shows to go, this tvtalkers bets are on Moana by a landslide! Why? She's the only one who turns his lights on (albeit on a dimmer switch). Do we think it'll last? no. Do we think this bachelor has a better shot at finding true love on the plane back home to the states? you betchya!

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