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Thursday, February 02, 2006

austin, anyone home?

okay, everyone knows austin texas is like the big music town - lots of bands, hippy folk and musicians. So WHERE were all these people on last nite's american idol? or are they too cool for school? clearly the memo did not circulate! and... if you thought the other idol audition cities were bad , austin bit the big one! let's take for example, the girl from nc who nearly died in a plane mishap getting to the audition. I think we're all in agreement that her voice was NOT worth risking life and death for being heard. Seems the desire for fame is so great people will take to public humiliation just to get on television. More than a third of this seasons idol contestants would have had a real shot at tv fame had they been a bit more real with themselves! The Biggest Loser would have signed lots of these folks right up for a retreat at the ranch if they'd gone to the right audition! In past seasons of american idol, it used to be you had to have a 'better than average' voice and a little something special to win the 'golden hollywood ticket.' this season, what is abundently clear, is that america has run out of raw talent and we are now scraping the bottom of the vocal barrel to find anyone who can just carry a tune! you know idol's hitting bottom, when you're so bored watching it, you're fantasizing about having your way with simon. hopefully things will pick up as the weeks progress....history assures us they will.

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