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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Bachelor.... Yawnfest!

Alrighty...the Bachelor is over and Moana may not be the only one who needs therapy! What was that?

The hottie Bachelor, Travis Stork gives the final rose (and a ring on a necklace) to hometown "nice, respectable" girl Sarah from Tennessee in what had to be the most anti-climactic, least romantic, least heartfelt Bachelor ending we've ever seen!!!

After Travis pours out his feelings and let's Sarah know she's won his heart, all Sarah can say to him is "You're perfect for me." What???? We've heard her utter those words at least 10x since the show began. It's never, "you're wonderful, you're this, you're that...I love you because you're...." Seems like Travis just fits nicely into her husband checklist or at least that's how she expresses it with camera around. And while Travis' father poo-pooed Moana for not being able to verbalize what it was about Travis that she loved, everyone watching could see they had something together. If Sarah and Travis have a true romantic spark ABC's editors did a good job at hiding it...all we saw was Travis laughing anytime he tried to kiss her (which wasn't often), while Moana on the other hand he couldnt keep his hands off of!!

Even Travis' young neice liked Moana better! (Kids and dogs know what's up!) As an aside, we're sure this little girl is now thrilled to have had that opinion aired for all to see now that Sarah will be hanging out with her at the playground and family functions.

If it werent' for Moana, this season's Bachelor would have been more than a snoozefest, it would have been in a coma!!!! Can someone call a Doctor! We've got an emergency!

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